~: February 2015

I have been working on a "new" photo collection for some years. The work will continue but now I have quite many photos
already and my vision has got more clear what comes to wholeness of photos. Some of the photos in this swedish blog tsnoK

"Art Backwards.

tsnoK is an attempt to write about art and to perform criticism in a different way. Primarily by diverging from the regim of exhibitions. We do not review current exhibitions. We do not report from the front line, we were not even there! We write about things like single artworks, old exhibitions and artists´ hobbies. We want to modify the sense of time within the field of art, fracture a calendaric understanding of the present, and the understanding of what is now. An exhibition that was attended years ago can for instance rise to the surface as something contemporary, indeed more up to date than when it actually occured. Or perhaps it has become something different than it was back then. Maybe this is a way of analyzing what has happened, from a current location through past experiences.

In a similar way we want to expand the notion of the public. Duchamp once said that art is deprived of something when it becomes public. That is so true. A lot of stuff you contemplate never reaches public attention because it simply lies too far away from mainstream. Or, it can be too narrow, or geaky or indistinct. We would like to highlight some shadowy business, things that are excluded just because… they are. Perhaps indisputable or contra-consensus. We would like to make some of this public, but only safely, after the fact. We are not into depriving.

The journal includes some fixed sections introduced by their captions; they will not all be updated simultaneously and the order will certainly change with time. Our modest expectation is to contribute to the coming critical revolution in Sweden. We are not on the forefront, we stroll along in other directions."

tsnoK. < www.tsnok.se/en/ >. 6.4.2015.


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