My work Senses of a blind (2008-2013) will be exhibited in Studi Aperti 2013 festival in Italy in Ameno village 5.-7.7.2013.
The work is collection of photographs projected on wall as a slideshow. Some of the photos you can see here.

Jos emme näe pimeässä, valo on sokaissut meidät ja jos emme näe valossa pimeys on sokaissut meidät. Tasapaino elää
päiviemme mukaan, jotka pyörivät ympyrää ja valo tekee varjoja.

If we can´t see in the darkness, the lightness has blinded us and if we can´t see in the lightness, the darkness has
blinded us. Balance changes as our days are rolling around and lights are making shadows.

Acoustics for the slideshow by Simon Spurrier.


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